The various Terran military factions all benefit from the hardware and advanced weaponry produced by the colonies of the Koprulu Sector. Many of the factions are fond of modifying their weaponry based upon the specific customs or preferences of their combat group. Although most Terran tanks, starfighters and war machines were designed and produced by privately owned corporations, the plans and technical layouts have been stolen, pawned, smuggled out and put into the hands of various faction scientists.


The Terran Confederacy consists of nearly a dozen planets within the Koprulu Sector. The primary worlds within the Confederacy are Tarsonis [...], Tyrador IX [...], Brontes [...], Chau Sara [...] a Dylar IV [...]. The Military Squadrons that strive to protect the Confederate worlds consist of conscripts and ex-criminals from all over the Sector. Many warriors are forced to undergo the rigorous process of Neural Resocialisation. This process reprograms even the most hardened criminals and converts them into loyal and stalwart defenders of the Confederacy. The Confederacy was overthrown by Sons of Korhal and was never recovered. Some squadrons crossed over under the control of the Doinion - newly born superpower.

Omega Squadron "the Death's Head Legion"

Commander: Lt. Commander Gregory Reikson

Designation : Heavy Assault Squadron

Base of operations : Dylar IV [...]

Colour : Black

The Death's Head Legion is renowned throughout Confederate space for its unrelenting savagery in battle. Only called upon in severe crisis situations, the Legion's warriors fearlessly enter any battle against the enemies of the Confederacy. The Legion is mainly comprised of ex-criminals who have been resocialised and now selflessly give their lives in service to the society that they once threatened.

Nova Squadron

Commander: Colonel Jackson Hauler

Designation : Black Ops./Espionage Squadron

Base of operations : Mobile

Colour : Purple

Mystery and intrigue always seem to surround the enigmatic Nova Squadron. Charged with policing the other Confederate Armed Forces and gathering intelligence on the myriad Pirate Militias, Nova Squadron often find themselves in the middle of some new conspiracy. Mistrusted and shunned by their fellow warriors, Nova Squadron keeps on the move, constantly seeking to undo the considerable political sabotage and corruption that runs rampant through the government of the Confederacy.

Alpha Squadron "the Blood Hawks"

Commander: General Edmund Duke [...] (dead)

Designation : Advanced Tactical Strike Squadron

Base of operations : Chau Sara [...]

Colour : White

Alpha Squadron prides themselves as being the "first group in and first group out" of any hot zone. Their lightning quick attacks on unsuspecting enemy encampments have gained them a notorious reputation. Their skill and precision in quick tactical maneuvers is evident as the fatality rating of the Blood Hawks is the lowest amongst the Confederate forces. Smoking craters, scorched earth, and piles of enemy bodies are all tell-tale signs of their ferocity and efficiency in battle.

Delta Squadron

Commander: Unknown

Designation : Unknown

Base of operations : Unknown

Colour : Orange

(the symbol is unofficiall)

Epsilon Squadron

Commander: Unknown

Designation : Unknown

Base of operations : Unknown

Colour : Yellow

(the symbol is unofficiall)


The Pirate Militias operate outside of Confederate control, lawlessly ravaging bordering worlds and outlying colonies. Many of the Pirate groups contain large, self-supported armies that fund themselves by exploiting vast resource deposits upon the many worlds within the Sector. These Pirates have little respect for the colonies they ravage or the worlds which they rape of resources. They constantly vie not only with one another, but also against the Confederacy that constantly threatens to shut down their reckless operations.

The Sons of Korhal (later The Dominon)

Commander: Arcturus Mengsk [...]

Designation : Renegade Activist Coalition

Base of operations : mobile, later Korhal [...]

Colour : Red

One of the founding worlds upon which the Confederacy was built, Korhal has been a hot-zone of anti-Confederate sentiment since its inception. As civil violence ensued against the Confederate forces on Korhal, the Confederacy decided to make an object lesson of the Colony. A massive nuclear strike decimated Korhal, leaving the Confederates unchallenged by any other Colony. Arcturus Mengsk, a one-time Confederate Prospector, founded the Sons of Korhal in order to topple the corrupt Confederate institution and build a new system of government that would benefit all Terrans within the sector. Mengskís methods and tactics range from harsh to nefarious. Heralded by radicals as a visionary and a patriot, Mengsk is seen by the Confederacy as a terrorist and a madman. Arcturus Mengsk managed to defeat the Confederacy and take control over military forces. He founded empire known as Terran Dominion. The Dominion was defeated by UED [...], but after the UED forces were scattered by the Zerg, Mengsk tried to rebuild his empire.

The Umojan Protectorate

Commander: Minister Jorgensen

Designation : Neutral Protectorate

Base of operations : Umoja [...]

Colour : Blue

The people of Umoja have chosen to remain separate and autonomous from the Confederate worlds. The Umojans consider themselves to be an enlightened people, harbouring obvious contempt for their sister colonies that submit to the near-fascist yoke of the Confederacy. The Umojans have retained a strong military force known as the Protectorate that keeps other factions from interfering in Umojan affairs. The Protectorate seeks a truce with the Protoss, believing that the elder race can teach them the mysteries of the greater meaning of life, the universe, and everything.

The Kel-Morian Combine

Commander: Gen Mah Sakai

Designation : Mining Coalition/Renegade Pirate Group

Base of operations : Moria [...]

Colour : Green

The Kel-Morian Combine is comprised of two powerful organisations: The Kelanis Guild and the Morian Mining Coalition. These two groups, both with questionable ties to the Confederacy, have banded together in order to maximise their ability to drain the resources from numerous worlds within the sector. The Combine is the largest non-Confederate organisation operating within Terran space. Equipped with thousands of armed troops and hardware, the Combine strictly enforces its myriad territorial operations. It is rumoured that the Combine actually supplies the Confederacy with fuels and resources. So great is their political influence, the Confederate forces have been banned from prosecuting the Combine for any potentially criminal action.

Mar Sara (later Raynor´s group)

Commander: Captain James Raynor [...]

Designation : Militia

Base of operations : Originally Mar Sara [...], nowadays supposedly mobile

Colour : Blue


Commander: Unknown

Designation : Confederal colony

Base of operations :Antiga prime [...]

Colour : Purple

UED - United Earth Directorate

Commander of the Koprulu expeditional forces: Admiral Gerard DuGalle [...] (dead)

Designation : Elite assault squadron

Base of operations : UED Aleksander

Colour : White

The UED fleet was send to Koprulu sector based on observation of the struggles in the sector, with the objective to overthrow Emperor Mengsk and capture the new Overmind. The second in command was Vice admiral Alexi Stukov [...], who was killed by Samir Duran [...] during the operation. UED managed to conquer Dominion and enslave the Overmind, but the fleet was later decimated by the Zerg under Kerrigan´s [...] control.

Cronus wing

Commander: Unknown

Designation : Unknown

Base of operations : Unknown

Colour : White

(the symbol is unofficiall)

Atlas wing

Commander: Unknown

Designation : Unknown

Base of operations : Unknown

Colour : Brown

(the symbol is unofficiall)